Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My graduate, my son

Congratulations Emmanuel!

My son graduates from High School tonight. If you’ve read this blog you know the ride has been anything but smooth. We’ve had our ups and downs with him and worried many nights, which way he would go. He turns 18 in just a few days as well. When I look back I had him at 18 years old! When I turned 18 I was focusing on getting things ready for a baby and I was facing the reality that I needed to grow up quickly! He on the other hand is looking at his life without the urgency to grow up. I’m thankful for that, I’m glad his experience is exactly what it should be. He has the freedom to ponder his options and enjoy this new chapter in life. I’m looking forward to it as well. I’m preparing for this evening with balloons, banners, and food. On the inside though, I’m taking in the moment and sighing with relief that we are here today. That he is going to have his name called, walk down and receive his diploma. It is a family accomplishment as well; keeping him focused when he did want to flake out was no easy feat. We arrive here in this time with him because we journeyed and labored with him.  I thank God for giving us the strength and endurance to get to this place.

Dedicated to Emmanuel Eli Hernandez a.k.a my brown boy 

My graduate, my son

Yesterday you were a baby
Yesterday you were one
Yesterday has come and gone
You were my little son

Today is almost finished
Today is almost done
Today you are my graduate
A young man , still my son

Tomorrow you may have new endeavors
Tomorrow who knows what comes
Tomorrow seems so far away
Yet, you will always be my son

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red lipstick+Walker=Love!

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Last night my husband and I went out for a Valentine's Dinner (which involved asking my friend to give one of our kids a ride home from work, getting someone to hang out with the 8 yrs old and having to double check where the eldest would be AFTER work!). Whew...once we got that established we headed over to Olive Garden where apparently the entire city also chose to eat (so it seemed anyway by the PACKED parking lot, outside benches, and inside waiting area) When we walked up to the Hostess booth she smiled at us and after getting our information told us it would be an hour before we'd be seated. We were cool and decided to hang out near the couches (in hopes that someone would eventually get called and we could swiftly shift ourselves into position, without appearing like that's what we were doing). When a couple offered their seats to us we gladly accepted the offer and were thankful we didn't have to slip and slide our way into the seats. We "couple watched" as we waited and tried to figure out if people were recently dating,married or how long they've been married. It killed time for us and about 50 minutes later our buzzer went off! We quickly went to the hostess booth where we overheard the hostess tell a sweet little old couple (seriously they must have been late 70's/early 80's) that it would be a 70-minute wait. I looked at my husband who was already motioning me to follow the quick stepping server when I motioned him to come back to me. Before I tell you what happened next, first let me describe this couple. She was wearing a very appropriate Valentine's Day outfit with red accents on her skirt and a big red flower on her blouse; which matched her ruby red lipstick just right, all of which was framed in her silver walker. The gentleman wore a nice brown suit and stood tall over his thinly framed wife. So, when the couple heard how long the wait would be she said "oh sure I guess we'll go ahead and wait!"  I looked at my husband who by now was looking at this couple and offered our still flashing buzzer to them so that they could be seated in our place. The couple seemed happy to take it but, it was the server that was originally going to seat us who had now come over to us that really took it all in. She looked at this couple as she smiled at us and we went back to our original look out spot by the couch. We eventually worked our way back onto the couch and instead of "couple watching" we "couple pondered" this sweet elderly couple! I can't imagine how many Valentine’s Days they've already shared or how many they even have left. They were the best looking couple in the restaurant and I hope one day to look that good in my walker with my sweet old hubby by my side!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

iPhone,aye me

Last night we were installing a new wireless router (with the assistance of my step-daughters aunt) anyways, as we were setting it up she would periodically attempt to log in to the wi-fi through her iPhone. It was a success! (woo hoo!)  Once we established a connection we then set up the password. She attempted to log in again just to make sure  the password was done correctly. I watched as she got her iPhone and she explained that in order to connect to the wi-fi she had to delete the previous connection, re "search", and then reconnect. She did the same thing on Christy's phone (Christy is my eldest step-daughter) and when I watched her the second time I just sat in awe of the simple process. Reason being is that my husband and I have been looking for a new home church. We have been "searching" for quite a few months now and just recently found a church where we both feel comfortable to stay at "for now". I do find myself treading VERY cautiously as we attend this new church, after all it's filled with sinners! (Joking! not really church is filled with us imperfect people.) I find that I am very guarded and am struggling with trying to connect with anyone there. So, last night when we were checking the connection through the iPhone I saw how easy it was to just press a couple of icons, delete previous connection and browse for a new one. I laughed at how "human" technology can be and how we as humans cannot connect to our future or even our "present" without in a sense "deleting" the connection to the past. It brings to remembrance a verse in the Bible, and I'll leave you with that verse now. 

Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.
Isaiah 43:18-19

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