Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Death- the photoshop of our lives

It's all over the news today...Ted Kennedy is dead... he passed away and drifted off into the world of legends such as Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. Like photo shop on a picture, I watch as the media tends to highlight his good points and accentuate his natural attractiveness while downplaying or "smudging" his not so attractive points. Isn't it funny how death tends to magically erase our mistakes and errors as if we did no wrong? I observed the same thing in M.J.'s death, people focused on his innovative moves and extraordinary talents, while airbrushing the wrinkles and blemishes of his err um baby hanging days. I do embrace this idea of focusing on the good and not the bad of one's life, I really do. After all, when my time comes I would hope the eulogy sounds more uplifting rather than, " she was such a pain, glad she's gone!". I would prefer however, to reflect the photo shopped life now without the necessary step of being dead.

..." to live for me is Christ, to die is gain"

Heart on my digital sleeve

Well, there I was walking around Ikea with my friend, when I decided to tell her about this idea of blogging. What was I thinking telling my "writer friend" that I was thinking about doing anything with writing?! That's like telling Jacques Cousteau I was thinking about sea diving. So, before I knew it we were at my home with both our eyes widely staring at the screen. Her eyes were widened from excitement, mine were more like deer-headlights type of widening! So, she helped me set  up my account and informed me she would become my blog follower...ahhhhh....  and I go presenting bits and pieces of my heart on my new digital sleeve. Hello blogging, hello digital world and so the journey begins!

hello it's mii!
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