Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is a christian? Please Respond!

The Christian Experiment...

With recently re-entering the workforce I personally challenged myself not to share my beliefs or my faith with anyone at my job. I do this with the purpose that I'm hoping people will see a difference based on my work performance and attitude. I want to be a light (or as I tell my 7 yrs old ...a flashlight) and a light is something you see with your eyes and not necessarily "hear with your ears." Although I do believe if the door is open for a discussion, there is an appropriate time and approach to any topic. I am usually comfortable sharing what I believe in and why I believe it but, this approach for me was a challenge where I was able to really ask myself " Will people know I am a Christian without me having to say anything?" I take that train of thought with a quote from Billy Graham who said "share your faith, and if necessary use words". I really wanted to share it first by my actions and then (and only then) if there is an open door share with my words. So, I propose the question to all. What does it mean to be a Christian? I know a question like this can spur on some intense emotions and all I ask is that whatever your opinion is , you share it constructively. Please respond in the comment section. Thank you!  (participating in Pour out Your heart through thingsicantsay!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Walking through the walls of water

Lately I’ve been pondering the escape route the people of God took when they left Egypt. It wasn’t a quick thing that took place when they left. I imagine a weary people clutching to whatever they had as they stepped in fear and exhaustion. After all,the days prior to their leaving their work was doubled and the things they saw must have put them in such a state of stupor. All of this is reflective of course yet when we decide to leave our lives representation of Egypt we experience perhaps those same fears and exhaustion. I imagine as they began crossing the sea with their captors behind them yet the unknown before them that they did it in silence. They walked away from the impossible, through the impossible, into the impossible. At one point though their silence did turn into praise perhaps there when Moses began singing they understood that they were truly free. What joy must have befallen them to know that neither they nor their children would have to mortar another stone for Pharaoh. I sit here this morning beginning my own song, I’m seeing that God is still the God who works on our behalf and in my own version of Egypt (I have many) He has brought me through. I’m grateful this morning and end with the lyrics from Moses song. “The LORD is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God…”  Exodus 15:2
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