Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a prom dress for the football game

So, my hubby won, WON tickets to the cardinals vs colts game for this sunday night. We in no stretch of the imagination could afford the tickets which by the way are going for $150+ on craigslist( yes I did look to see what we could potentially make off of them) BUT, we're not selling the tickets, we have to go to this game...after all it's Warner vs. Manning...c'mon who wouldn't want to go to the game(yawn) kidding. In all seriousness though we were in Walmart and he was looking at some of the Cardinals gear, ya know maybe something to wear for the game. He was holding a jersey, I looked at the price tag(almost $50) and ,in the kindest way possible,reminded him what planet we live on(planet broke). Needless to say we left empty handed(minus the few groceries we got) and then I started thinking about the look on his face when he re-hung the jersey back on the rack, it reminded me of the time I went to a dance with the same old clothes on. My other friends were able to wear their nice new outfits, but not me. So, I realized today that this is my husbands "prom" so to speak and I kinda get why he doesn't want to just be wearing a red shirt amongst the crowds of fans. It's like me showing up to the dance in the same ole same ole. So,needless to say I am going to be searching on CL or savers in hopes to find some cardinals gear for the game, maybe not the jersey but definitely something.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the currency for time is time

On saturday Night I attended, for the first time, a drag strip event. It was amazing to watch these cars zoom down the strip at speeds that you only see in movies. I was there to watch my Uncle Dwight drive his car down the strip. Cars lined up behind the strip waiting to take their turn, like an extreme version of a disney ride experience. Their run on the strip lasts about 10 seconds yet the idea of getting to run a car at 130, 140 makes those 10 seconds a concentrated dose of time. When the cars were in line at the drag they were probably waiting for awhile, exchanging hours of effort for 10 seconds of exhiliration. In a sense time becomes the currency for time. Although at that high currency exchange rate I just hope that I use my currency wisely.
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