Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sometimes it's just best to live in the first two minutes of a game.

As most of you know the Cardinals got beat down on Saturday. It was awful and I admit that I am still licking my wounds from it. The game did start with a phenomenal touch down and all my hopes appeared, as if they would become a reality. However, with a 45-14 score my hopes were the Kurt Warner to the reality of bobby McCray. Very sad folks. Going on with my story, I found that living in the first two minutes of the game made me happy and hopeful all over again. So, I got to thinking about the first two minutes of numerous life events. Remember the first two minutes of your life? Neither do I. I do remember the first two minutes of my babies lives. Ahh yes the joy and hope all wrapped up in a tiny new life. How about the first two minutes of marriage? Now that is gold right there! Being pronounced man and wife, walking down the aisle with clapping and whistles. The only aisle we walk down nowadays is the grocery aisle and rarely do we get people around us whistling. How about the first two minutes of driving? Perfect record back then huh? Here is a first two minutes memory zinger, right after I prayed that prayer-Jesus....please....save....me. I remember that one perfectly well. Wow, for me brand new redemption all in the simple utterance of those words. I believe the Bible talks about this when in reference to " returning to your first love.” It was a reminder to go back and live in those first two minutes of His love towards you. So, I am determined to try to live more in the first two minutes of things rather than the 45-14's of our lives. OH wait, here's a last one...remember the first two minutes of your first paycheck? Sigh...me too.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

17 again

Tonite I watched the movie "17 again" with my 15 years old. It was a bit surreal and am always amazed at how movies can impact us! In the beginning of the movie we get that the 17 yrs old is told by his girlfriend that she is pregnant and he makes a choice to marry her rather than pursue a basketball career. I was 17 when I was pregnant with my son although mine didn't have the "fairy tale story" but I'll save that for another day. The movie fasts forward to the couple deciding to get a divorce and the character is given a second chance by becoming 17 again. So here I was sitting with my son as we both laughed at different parts of the movie. I would laugh when the character was enjoying being young and energetic. My son laughed at the sarcastic remarks.( don't know where my son gets his humor from). It was very telling as the movie dealt with parents understanding and relating to their kids and adults getting the" only in movie's "chance to redo certain parts of life. Naturally the movie got me thinking to that fateful day when I told my sons' dad that I was pregnant. I reflected on the course my life took because of the adult choices I made in my teen years. I couldn't help but feel a little ansy at the thought that my own 15 years old could possibly make those same choices and indeed end up with a similar outcome. I quietly prayed for God's grace in his life and in mine. In the end of the movie all is right in the world and you can't help but feel some relief that ,at least on screen, things ended up okay. Truth for my own soul is that in my situation things worked out somehow, perhaps not as idealic as the movie provided, but worked out nonetheless. I wondered if my son connected the storyline with his own momma's story. For now I'll just savour the fact that we were able to watch a movie together and that in itself is a happy ending.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reflections of the Christian Mind

Poet don’t weep
It’s not over yet
Lest the Lord’s mercy you too should forget
Humble His actions
Towards all of man kind
Though the anguish of torture
Enclosed in your mind
Rest in the restless
Thou heart how naïve
Mindlessly wandering
The thoughts we conceive
Bearing for the bearer
Who brings us good news?
When we’ve so much to gain
How much should we lose?
Folding, enclosing, drawing you in
Embraced now embraces
To start once again

dedicated to my friend Robin.
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