Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is a christian? Please Respond!

The Christian Experiment...

With recently re-entering the workforce I personally challenged myself not to share my beliefs or my faith with anyone at my job. I do this with the purpose that I'm hoping people will see a difference based on my work performance and attitude. I want to be a light (or as I tell my 7 yrs old ...a flashlight) and a light is something you see with your eyes and not necessarily "hear with your ears." Although I do believe if the door is open for a discussion, there is an appropriate time and approach to any topic. I am usually comfortable sharing what I believe in and why I believe it but, this approach for me was a challenge where I was able to really ask myself " Will people know I am a Christian without me having to say anything?" I take that train of thought with a quote from Billy Graham who said "share your faith, and if necessary use words". I really wanted to share it first by my actions and then (and only then) if there is an open door share with my words. So, I propose the question to all. What does it mean to be a Christian? I know a question like this can spur on some intense emotions and all I ask is that whatever your opinion is , you share it constructively. Please respond in the comment section. Thank you!  (participating in Pour out Your heart through thingsicantsay!)


  1. So, I totally agree with you. Conversations about Christianity have to take place at the right moment, or it can be off- putting to someone who doesn't believe, and that's not setting a great example either. I think that in this case, as in most others, actions speak louder than words. My husband and his crazy sister are sometimes so in non-believers faces about God, that those people are offending. Their younger brother confessed to not believing, and the two of them call, email or mail information to him several times a week. He has completely shut down his willingness to discuss it with them. I tend to be a lot quieter- I answer questions and speak honestly about my faith, but I try to not overwhelm people. I LOVED this post!!

  2. One of my favorite quotes: 'I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.' Mohandas Gandhi

    For me, someone who struggles with her faith, a Christian is someone who truly lives the life of Christ - nonjudgemental, tolerant, compassionate, and giving. Not someone who is constantly telling me I am living my own life wrong.

    I think your plan to show your faith through your actions is a good one, and something that will allow you to use your words more effectively at an appropriate time.

  3. I would ditto a lot of what Tara says. I think you can show a difference by beig compassionate and not joining in any of the office gossip. Smiling and caring.

  4. A Christian should be Christ like by definition. For me that means humble, loving, and selfless. Traits that others may just consider a "good person". Unfortunately, due to our hypocracy, the world does not always associate being a Christian with being a good person.

    I say you are right to lay the ground work by walking the walk first. Let people see the light shine from you. But I think when the time is right, find ways to let them know WHY you strive to be that way.

  5. This is a great post. Such a great question, and some great comments already.

    For me, it is twofold. First, obviously you need to be Christ-like - which includes all the traits already mentioned in previous posts. However, one has to be careful that they do not become too "holier than thou". Very off-putting to others, and actually not at all Christ-like. Recall Christ could often be found with the outcasts of society. Also, to many non-Christians, it seems that it is simply a life of do's and don'ts. While it is true there are "rules", you must also be careful not to walk the tightrope of Religion. You know where you are so afraid of making a mistake, that you are frozen in fear. Unable to move forward, or backward....or reach your destination. Unable to live a life in Christ, or to share your faith with others. What would they think of you if they knew you did A/B/C...yet call yourself a Christian!
    This leads to the 2nd aspect: Relationship!! If you are walking in correct relationship with God, it will shine through in your life. Others will see that there is something different about you - beyond the fact that you don't gossip, drink or have an office affair. They won't know what it is; but they will want it, because the whole world is searching...for something. When they see you have a relationship with God, it is different than just perceiving you as Religious. It doesn't mean you never make mistakes: not perfect, just forgiven. You walk in Grace. That is something you can easily share. You are just planting a seed in sharing. But God WILL open a door when the person's heart is ready to listen. If you are walking in Faith, and praying, you will know when that time comes.

    I tend to avoid "religious" debates with people, i.e creation, did the whale Actually swallow Jonah?? I share my faith and talk about my relationship. If they want to debate, I tell them to STUDY the Bible first (because most have not actually read the Bible - they just know the major Bible stories from when they were children - if even that.) Then I tell them come to talk to me. You'd be surprised how many people will not pick it up, and start reading. Makes me wonder what they are afraid of. When God starts convicting a's a powerful thing. But they have to be ready for that conviction, so that ultimately, they can accept Him.

  6. What a great quote by Billy Graham. I love that. I hope that you will be salt and light in your workplace.

    We can only strive to be like Christ, but that's what I think a christian is. Unfortunately, I think many churches have it all wrong.

    There are many ways to show God's love to others with a Christ like attitude. In the workplace there are so many ways to set yourself apart. ust a few-Stay away from office gossip and banter, show compassion for others, and work as if your working for the Lord-not men!

    Stopping by from PYHO! :)


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