Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sometimes the cover is right

Okay, so this past weekend my friend and I attended a Women's Expo. It was a blast, we were able to walk around and enjoy the free samples that were provided at the various tables. When we got around to a salon booth they were offering free makeovers which included hair and make up. There were two stylist available to do hair the one on the left had black nail polish, gothy looking boots and an interesting dog collar looking type of choker. The stylist on the right had her hair in a modern looking style and was dressed in a more everyday wear type of outfit. Okay so as we were standing in line ( because there was a line!) I would watch how the stylist on the right did everyone's hair and how the stylist on the left did everyone's hair. Thankfully my friend was standing in front of me and she went to the stylist on the left and I was able to go with the stylist on the right. We were both sitting next to eachother in their "make shift" salon chairs which sat on a platform (in case other people wanted to see what was going on). Her hair was done first and I could hear the stylist on the left compliment her on how great her hair looked, well when my friend walked around to me I did everything I could NOT to laugh. We had mentioned to the stylist that she was getting married and so the stylist decided to do an updo , but let me tell you that was some type of updo. If the hairstyle had been a test the stylist would have aced it, had she attended the Beauty school of Don King. I of course immediately told my friend I had to take her picture to send to her man, after all once they are married he'll see her when she first wakes up, this was just a sneak peek. Once my hair was done, which came out fabulous I sent a pic to my husband because the stylist did an awesome job on my hair. I would have LOVED to post a picture to go with this blog but it would come at the cost a friendship, so just use your imagination!

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  1. I would have given anything to see that pic (and sadly I have had stylists "remake" me and it wasn't pretty!)


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