Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So that's why they call it "hitting" the pavement

(Today I am starting a new thing, which is taking part in thingsicantsay's  (a.k.a #5) Wednesday's blogging exercise. )

Today I went to a Job Fair and though not as fun as a state fair, they both carried similar attributes. For example, there were plenty of booths there with people enticing you to come and see what they were offering. The job opportunities hung in the air like those ginormous teddy bears that can be won. Some of the "job descriptions" gave you a sense of ease. Like the ease you get when you buy a dozen red plastic rings for $1.00 with anticipation that you'll at least get 6 of those rings on the glass bottles. And just as you're about to toss one of those rings, bam! you overhear someone say " last year we had over 20,000 applicants and only hired 400". Just then at that moment you realize that it will be as easy to land a job as it is landing that red plastic ring around the coke bottle. (Let's hope I'm better at getting a job than I am at the latter) I left with my imaginary Rolodex full of possibilities and and my hope tank pointing more to the E. So, I pray and refocus. I go home and change my heels for my converse. Thank God His mercies are new every morning, I think I've used all mine up today!


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