Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Table for 20

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A couple of weeks ago I had planned on going to California to visit with a Tia who was diagnosed with cancer and who would soon be reaching the end of her journey. To my surprise (along with the rest of the family) she passed away sooner than we'd anticipated. That led to me making the trip in honor of her funeral ( not my first choice, I'd rather see the person and talk with them!) It was bitter sweet, I was so glad to be with the family and loved the opportunity to reconnect with family members I'd not seen for several years. After the service we all gathered at a restaurant to spend more time together. We took several photos and I savored each moment. In the back of my mind I wished my mom , along with my other Tia's who have passed away, could have all been there. They would have truly enjoyed the sight of five tables being pushed together and the noise that came from such a crowd. I enjoyed the amount of space we all collectively held for that time. The next day I asked my husband to take me back to that same restaurant ( hey the food was very good) The tables and chairs had all been returned to their respectable places. I looked at that space and felt it to be  empty compared to the night before. We too have all returned back to our respectable places to continue functioning in our places yet,the beauty of being able to come together as a family and inhabit that time was a gift.  Thanksgiving is soon coming and as we host that day we'll be adding an extra table for those coming together. These tables hold a space for each one of us and as some of us leave our seats ( like my mom, my aunts..) others join (through marriages ,babies....) From the "kids table" to the " too cool teen table." I look forward to sharing my little space with those around me for however long God permits.
Psalm 23:5 " You prepare a table before me........" is participating in pour out your heart wednesdays graciously hosted by thingsicantsay!

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